Event Preview - 'Migrating Histories - Moving Identities'
Type Exhibition preview
Venue NYLA, 39 Thurloe St, South Kensington, London
Date 22nd Oct 2016
Time 6.30pm-9.30pm


Join us for the Preview of 'Migrating Histories - Moving Identities' curated by the Barakat Trust, part of RBKC's Nour Festival of Arts.

The exhibition presents a visual dialogue between reinterpreted and manipulated maps and diagrammatic representations expressing the long and intimate relationship between peoples, histories, cultures and their natural environment. The showcase is set within the context of the constantly evolving and rapidly changing face of the Middle East and touches upon themes around migration, polarisation, destruction of heritage and the impact on identity.

Exploring the sense of continuous movement and migration of cultural landscapes, histories, people and their identities, the exhibition is an observation and visual dialogue between a range of emerging and international artists.

The Barakat Trust has designed an audience led, immersive approach to the dialogue around migrating history and moving identity, the notion of evolving and ever changing dynamics between travel and cultures. Guests are invited to ‘map their ancestry and sense of identity on the wall’ leaving a trace of their identity behind them, which will be captured on instant polaroids, reflecting that moment in time. The installation will expand and become populated during the course of the exhibition creating a live dynamic visual dialogue throughout the exhibition. The map will culminate in a new layer of identity and understanding that hopes to create a bridge of understanding between cultures and peoples. The Family fun day on 6th November, will mark the closing of the Nour Festival where children will be invited to map their parental ancestry and thus observe their migrating history and reflect on how their identity has been shaped through this journey.


Grantee Profile

Ahmed Mustafa exhibition

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1943, Dr. Ahmed Moustafa is an artist and scholar of international rep...

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