Barakat Post-Doctoral Research Scholarship 2019

Separate Guidelines

The Barakat Postdoctoral Scholarship is intended to enable a Muslim scholar at the beginning of his or her career to spend an academic year — from October to June — in Oxford to carry out a specific programme of research or prepare such research for publication. The successful applicant shall normally have been awarded a doctorate after 30 June 2013, although the committee is able to consider exceptions (e.g. for maternity leave).

The Barakat Postdoctoral Scholarship is designed to be an opportunity and a platform for scholars to conduct their research in Oxford, using relevant Oxford resources as appropriate. It is obviously up to each individual to make of this opportunity what they will – The Barakat Trust cannot provide a taught course of study or of meetings and contacts for each scholar, nor supervise their work. We are merely facilitators – and we hope that each recipient will make best use of the exciting opportunities that conducting research in Oxford will bring. 

Travel to relevant events, activities or conferences during each tenure is obviously welcomed. However, Scholars are expected to be normally resident in Oxford for the duration of the Scholarship, and participation in weekly seminars during the Oxford term time will be greatly welcomed.

The award of £18,000 is intended to cover travel from the recipient’s home to and from Oxford, and accommodation and living expenses in Oxford for nine months. (Applicants planning to conduct research outside Oxford during the tenure of their scholarship may apply for an additional research grant in the regular manner.) The award will normally be paid in nine monthly instalments directly into the recipient’s U.K. bank account.

The Barakat Postdoctoral Scholar must comply fully with the relevant UK laws governing visas and immigration, and the Barakat Trust Administrator will assist him or her to do so. This can be a complicated and lengthy business, and it is therefore important to begin the process as soon as possible after the award is made.

The Barakat Trust regrets that they are unable to arrange accommodation for the Barakat Postdoctoral Scholar, but the Administrator will supply a list of various accommodation agencies.

The Barakat Scholar will not be an employee of the University of Oxford, but will normally be made a Research Associate of the Khalili Research Centre (KRC) and an associate of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of which the KRC is part. He or she will be allocated a desk and workstation in the Khalili Research Centre in Oxford. Several members of the Academic Advisory Committee of the Barakat Trust are based at the KRC. It is also a teaching centre, and the venue for regular lectures and seminars relevant to the art and culture of the Middle East. The Barakat Postdoctoral Scholar will be required to contribute at least one lecture or seminar to the KRC Research Seminar. The Barakat Scholar will normally be given most of the standard University privileges, such as use of the University libraries and I.T. system, and access to lectures and seminars. The Barakat Scholar is also eligible to apply for membership of an Oxford college as a visiting scholar or research member of common room.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Administrator well before application (i.e. in January or February), with a curriculum vitae and draft application, so that she may put them in touch with one or more members of the Academic Advisory Committee who will discuss their applications with them.

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